Buying property in Cyprus and issues to be aware of

By Alex Georgiades, Associate Lawyer at Dionysiou & Partners LLC There have been a number of property disputes in Cyprus over the years. Most of them involve properties that owners have yet to receive title deeds over many years, but also cases of deficient properties sold to foreign (as well as local) buyers and even […]

The Benefits of a Cyprus International Trust

An overview: A Cyprus International Trust (CIT) provides for a high level of confidentiality and a very high degree of asset protection, in that the assets settled into a CIT are sheltered against potential claims, as they are segregated from the settlor’s funds. Assets are also shielded against subsequent bankruptcy or liquidation of the settlor,[…..]

Cyprus Leads in Citizenship by Investment Index

The Financial Times‘ Professional Wealth Management, in its recent study of citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes, has ranked Cyprus above other EU countries. A primary objective of the CBI Index is to identify factors which satisfactorily measure the features and desirability of CBI programmes in various jurisdictions. The factors considered in the rankings which ranked[…..]

Cyprus-Luxembourg setting grounds for stronger economic and commercial cooperation: Double Taxation Agreement

The Republic of Cyprus and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signed a double taxation avoidance agreement on 8 May 2017. This is the first such agreement between the two countries (Luxembourg was one of the few European countries which Cyprus had no such agreement with) and sets a good basis for economic and commercial cooperation[…..]