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Corporate & Commercial Law

With over 15 years of experience in the field, our team of lawyers can assist companies with all aspects of their commercial transactions.  From pre-incorporation stages, we can provide advice regarding the set-up of a business and our advice covers all legal and operational issues that may arise.  We can assist with the negotiation, drafting and putting in place certain contracts regulating the relationship between partners/shareholders and dealing with the management of the company, in order to avoid any misunderstandings or other problems between the partners in the future.  A good shareholders agreement will see the business thrive, avoiding any deadlocks by the fact that certain legal and personal rights were not addressed prior to the set-up of the business. It is therefore imperative that new entrepreneurs seek the advice of a lawyer in advance of implementing their business plan.  Our services include, among other, the assessment of the business plan, in order to establish whether an operational license is required, the drafting of special articles for the implementation of the parties’ business agreement, ensuring, at the same time, that our client’s interests are fully protected within the boundaries of the legal framework and their business intentions are realized.  We can additionally provide legal assistance with- business and finance transactions or any commercial deals the company may enter into, with public and private offerings of securities and any capital-raising transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Corporate Restructuring

Mergers & Acquisitions, as well as restructurings are mainly regulated by the Companies Law of Cyprus, Cap. 113, which contains provisions pertaining to cross-border mergers, mergers of Cyprus companies, amalgamation and reorganisation. Our lawyers possess a vast experience in this field having been exposed to international transactions of big global organisations, advising them on Cyprus law aspects affecting their merger or reorganisation plan. We have acted as leading counsellors of numerous of such transactions and are able to assist with the inception of the plan and its implementation.

The main legislation for Joint Venture transactions is, as above, the Companies Law, Cap. 113 and Contract Law is also relevant, since, for the set up of a Joint Venture, it is imperative that a Joint Venture / Shareholders Agreement is drafted in such way so that it directly deals with the management and operational aspect of the Joint Venture Company and most importantly, it regulates the relationship between the partners.

Cyprus International Trusts

Our Law Firm can assist with the formation of various types of trusts, such as Charitable Trusts, Private Trusts, Purpose Trusts and Cyprus International Trusts (CITs).  The latter type being the most popular among non-local clients and it is widely used as a tool for asset protection.   

CITs have been established in 1992 through the passing of the International Trust Law (Law 69(I)/1992, which, in 2012 and 2013 has seen substantial amendments, and together with the Trustee Law, Cap. 193, which, is in essence based on the English Trustee Act of 1925 and the doctrines of equity an case law of England enhanced greatly the CIT’s asset protection feature.

In addition to advising clients on how to manage and protect their private wealth and ultimately how to distribute their wealth as desired through a trust, some of our services pertaining to trusts are the provision of a Trustee, the provision of advice on all matters of trustee duties and liabilities, we represent clients in contentious and non-contentious trust disputes, we advise on good trust governance, we advise on contracts between the trustees and third parties etc.


Tax efficiency in all international and local commercial and business transactions is key.  Especially in the current climate of ever-increasing regulation and compliance requirements, our advice will assist you in understanding and appreciating the practical solutions we can provide on exploring both international tax incentives and Cyprus tax solutions.

We, at DP Law, can create Cyprus tax efficient structures from both an international standpoint in line with a Cyprus element on par with prioritising the compliance of all regulations and measures imposed.  Our legal team is experienced and able to advise on any Cyprus tax matter that may arise during any international or local transaction.

Banking & Finance

The team of lawyers of DP Law has acted as legal counsel for both global financial and Cyprus banking institutions, high profile international lenders and facility agents on syndicated, secured and unsecured loans, as well as borrowers and guarantors in international and Cyprus banking transactions.  We are well equipped and possess the necessary experience to provide sound and expert legal advice on all aspects of complex multi-million transactions.

More specifically, we can assist in: International and Cyprus Banking high value financing and refinancing transactions; Syndicated, subordinated and mezzanine financing; Securitisation packages; Structuring securitization packages; Drafting security documents, including, among other, share pledges, guarantees, floating charges, account charges, financial collaterals, etc.

Capital Markets

Utilising our extensive knowledge of all capital market products, we focus on all matters regarding debt and equity capital markets, securitisation, derivatives, structured finance, and corporate trusts. 

Our team is highly adept in acting in major capital market deals with a Cyprus element. We regularly act on public offerings, which include initial, secondary, and dual public offerings on regulated or non-regulated markets, both within and outside the European Union. 

The clients we act for include lenders, underwriters, and issuers, advising clients through all stages of an equity raising transaction and issuing relevant Cyprus law legal opinions. 

Financial Services & Securities Regulations

We offer specialised advice and legal assistance in the financial services market, with the ever changing and ever-increasing regulatory requirements imposed in the field. 

Members of our team were involved in the first ever applications filed for the licensing of financial services companies in Cyprus with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, when this was a novel and unknown area of practice still in Cyprus.  

With in-depth experience and understanding of the needs of such clients and the requirements of the regulators, we are in a strategic position to advise on compliance and banking regulatory and licensing requirements, with competence, efficiency, and knowledge

Contract Law

The objective of a contract is to provide an effective legal framework for contracting parties to resolve their disputes and regulate their contractual obligations.  DP Law, will draft any type of commercial contract with the sole aim to safeguard its client’s rights, but with the necessary provisions which will render such contract self-executing and hence provide comfort and uninterrupted operation to the business.

Data Protection Law

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (hereinafter “GDPR”), with effect from 25 May 2018 has fundamentally transformed how businesses handle personal data.  GDPR is applicable to both EU established organizations (large and small/medium-sized) and non-EU established organizations that target or monitor EU residents. GDPR is not optional and any company that does not comply with it is in danger to face huge fines, depending on the severity and circumstances of the violation.

Our firm’s data protection practice relates to advisory work in relation to a company’s compliance with data protection laws. We define and plan the actions that need to be taken to achieve compliance, by identifying the provisions of the GDPR that apply to each company. We assist in the drafting of documents and agreements that must be in place such as privacy policies, we advise on current agreements that must be amended in order to reflect the GDPR’s provisions, we provide legal advise on every aspect of the company’s activities that is related to the protection of personal data.

Insolvency Law

We provide effective, practical advice on any matters of insolvency and liquidation, an area which is, in today’s business reality, increasingly relevant and important for all commercial businesses and banking institutions.

Our experience in working on banking transactions and advising banking institutions in various types of transactions, has equipped us with in depth knowledge of the insolvency concerns of banking institutions in the transactions they enter with corporate clients.

Our many years of working in corporate law and Cyprus companies, give us a thorough understanding of the necessities and concerns of companies, especially when it comes to liquidation matters. We assist companies in examining the different ways in which a company can go into liquidation or avoid going into liquidation. Once this has been determined, we guide the company through every step of the process.

Our firm collaborates with qualified insolvency practitioners to assist clients through the entire liquidation process, commencing from pre-insolvency considerations all the way to court hearings for finalisation of the process.

Our clients include insolvency practitioners, creditors (secured and unsecured) and creditor committees, directors and other officers and limited liability companies.

Shipping Law

DP Law deals with all Shipping Law matters, starting from the registration of vessels under the Cyprus Flag to the formation and administration of ship owning Cyprus companies and the registration of mortgages.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in shipping law, having had clients in their portfolio of international conglomerates in the shipping industry and can undertake the aforesaid work for shipowner clients, banks, and other facilities providers

Real Estate, Development & Construction Law

Our law firm can assist with the purchase or disposal of real estate property, with the development of land and with projects in the development and construction field.

We possess vast experience in this field and can assist in all aspects of such transactions.  Additionally, we can assist with applying for the necessary operational licenses in the above fields and with the operational side of the business.

Private clients can engage us to assist them with their property purchase from start to end for the pre-acquisition negotiations, the drafting contracts safeguarding our client’s rights and ensuring all obligations of the seller are met on schedule.  We undertake the lodging of property contracts with the Lands and Survey Department and with the issue of title deeds and transfer of ownership and associated tax issues.


corporate administration & fiduciary services

We can assist with the formation of Cyprus entities, such as Private Limited Liability Companies, Public Companies, Partnerships, Branches, Cyprus International Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Associations etc. and all Regulated Companies, i.e.
Cyprus Investment Firms, Alternative Investment Funds, Alternative Investment Fund Managers, Electronic Money Institutions, Payment System Providers etc.

We provide all administrative and fiduciary services to these entities such as the services of nominee shareholders, directors (executive and non-executive), secretary and registered address, compliance officers, data officers etc.  We can assist with all day to day management of these companies, including putting in place all statutory documents, required by law and assisting with each company’s reporting and filing obligations and provide legal support in all aspects of corporate law as a matter of course.  We provide banking services by assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts and with the day to day management of such bank accounts.

We are able to offer our clients a complete solution to establishing substance and enhancing presence in Cyprus by providing fully furnished office premises, recruitment services and registration of the companies with the local authorities such as Social Securities and Chamber of Commerce


Our clients will be ensured of the best possible representation in any legal dispute, be it civil, commercial, contractual, personal family issues, business disputes or criminal cases. Our team of litigation lawyers has extensive experience of private and commercial issues. We take a realistic and methodical approach in protecting and preserving your interests. The objective of your legal representation by us is the best possible result at the lowest cost for you. Establishing clear objectives is the key to successful litigation. We will advise you on the best course of action whether you are pursuing or defending a claim. We cover most litigation matters, as listed below.

With expertise and long-term experience in banking law, our legal team assumes your representation in any dispute with any credit institution. Based on the legislation and jurisprudence on illegal and unfair terms of loan agreements, we are demanding the best possible and realistic solutions for your bank loans.

Defending Borrowers’ Rights: With significant experience in dealing with loan agreements’ cases, we provide legal support to borrowers who are in the process of restructuring their loans. We look closely at loan agreements that usually include unfair and illegal terms. We are negotiating with the Banks to restructure the loan in order to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for the new agreement in favour of our Clients. In this process, we check the Bank’s compliance with the Code of Conduct of Central Bank of Cyprus. We file a lawsuit against the Bank when the latter grossly violates the law and overcharges our Clients / borrowers. We are defending our Client in case the Bank filed a lawsuit against him/her.

Defending Guarantors Rights: We inform our Clients who have been entered into as guarantors in a loan agreement of their rights and their respective liabilities to the Bank. Bank’s failure to inform them about the course of the loan may lead to their being completely discharged from the guarantee agreement. We negotiate directly with the Bank to safeguard the interests of the guarantors. We inform the competent authorities of any specific case involving our Client loan guarantee.

The results of our work justify our Clients. Lawsuits against Banks oblige them to improve the terms of loan restructuring in favor of our Clients. Negotiationg on the basis of unlawful and unfair terms of contracts (such as loans in Swiss francs) obliges the Bank to improve the terms of debt-for asset swap agreement for the benefit of our Clients. We inform our Clients of their rights against the Banks and we claim their interests directly to the Βanks. In most cases the Banks have backed down and improved the position of our clients.

We put into action the saying “knowledge is power” and vigorously assert our clients’ right against the «strong part» as Banks are commonly called. We change this imbalance to the benefit of our Clients.

Contract law is one of the most important areas and governs economic and social life. It is also one of the main objects of specialization of our law firm. Breach or non-compliance with certain terms of an agreement is very likely to lead to litigation. Our office has extensive experience in handling cases involving inter alia leases, insurance contracts, sales contracts, share sale agreements, services agreements, loans and mortgage contracts.

Our experience in property law is a guarantee for the protection of your interests in any legal dispute relating to immovable property such as buying, selling, leasing or any other relevant transaction. The real estate market in Cyprus is very popular as both Cypriot citizens, foreigners and many investors prefer to purchase an immovable property. However, very often there are problems that arise after the completion of the sale contract as the contractual terms have been desregarded. Our lawyers have dealt with many cases of irregularities in the constructing of houses, mortgage issues, issues related to the tax office and the land registry, disputes between property owners, developers and banks and generally any property law issue.

Family and family relationships are very important for our firm. Our legal team has a lot of experience in dealing with sensitive issues of family law, such as divorce, maintenance, custody of children, artificial insemination, parental responsibility, and adoption.


One of the most common cases of family law is divorce case between spouses. We fully undertake the process of divorce so that it can be issued as soon as possible and in the most painless way for our clients.

Along with the divorce, we provide full legal support to our clients in settling property issues by working out the appropriate agreements between them and regarding possible claims for property acquisition during the marriage.


In cases where there is a child or children, we require from the Court a Maintenance Order against the obligated parent. With documentation of both the needs of the child and the financial strength of the obligated parent we undertake the preparation of the relevant application in order to obtain the largest possible amount of maintenance. We also handle spouse-to-spouse maintenance claims.


Our lawyers have significant experience handling parent-child communication cases that are particularly sensitive and require special attention in the best interests of the child.

Our office also undertakes to defend the party against which any family law claim is filed.

We handle every aspect of family law with subtlety and sensitivity and act as a mediator for the most painless resolution of disputes. It is only when all the out-of-court settlement opportunities are exhausted that we propose to our clients the path to court action.

We provide legal services in any Labour and Employment Law dispute having in-depth knowledge of working relationships, such as employment issues, benefits and rights as well as harassment at work. Employment relations are a constant source of litigation. Termination of employment, compensation for illegal dismissal, change in the substantive terms of the employment contract, payment of salary and issues related to employees’ leave are the most common issues that arise. Our lawyers have significant experience in handling labor issues in the special court of Cyprus, that deals with these issues, the Labor Court.

Our Law Firm has solid experience in resolving legal disputes related to inheritance issues, spreading across a wide spectrum, including inter alia wills’ drafting, probations, re-sealing of wills, intestate succession, inherited relations pertaining to foreigners, and amounting to the most complex issues of  the law of succession. In all the foregoing areas, we offer effective solutions in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

We strongly defend our clients in their cases against the State before the Administrative Court. Having extensive and significant experience in drafting and filing administrative appeals, we demand the protection of your rights in any kind of administrative dispute.

The State in Cyprus, through its Administrative Authorities, shows very often its cruelest face towards its citizens, resulting into the prevention of the exercise of the citizens’ rights. Some of these cases are being handled successfully by our Law Firm’s Administrative Law Department. More specifically:

– In the case of appointments and promotions of civil servants: The decisions of the Public Service Committee are not always fair and objective. Employees with more qualifications and/or seniority are being bypassed by others with less qualifications and/or seniority. Our competent Legal Department undertakes such Appeals with the aim of canceling any such appointment(s) and/or promotion(s).

– In cases of any kind of Administrative fines: Any kind of Administrative Authority often imposes fines unjustly and/or excessively against citizens. Our Law Firm’s competent Department provides the legal instruments in order to raise the necessary Objections and/or Appeals for Annulment of such excessive and/or illegal fines.

– In cases of rejection of applications for social benefits: Our Law Firm’s Administrative Law Department undertakes to file Appeals and Objections against Decisions rejecting Claims for social benefits, pensions, etc.

– In cases of Immigration Law: We provide legal support and judicial protection in cases of Administrative Decisions concerning deportation, refusal of naturalization, residence, employment of foreign nationals.

With our experience and our specialized legal training in Administrative Law cases, we stand by the citizens in any dispute with the State, strengthen their position and secure the respect of their rights.

Our legal team is ready to represent you in any criminal case, whether you are the accuser or the accused. The criminalization of tax and insurance offenses as well as the traffic offenses which constitute criminal offenses have as a consequence that many citizens are accused before the criminal courts. Our lawyers are always ready to provide effective solutions and to represent you before the court. In addition to typical criminal cases, we also offer our services in the field of financial crime such as, business crime, fraud and money laundering cases.

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