A revolutionary decision for crypto fans has emerged by the Berlin Court of Appeals

Transactions in Bitcoin do not constitute a bank transaction and certainly such transactions are not a criminal offence. This was ruled by the Berlin Court of Appeals in its recent decision which criticized the authority of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin). The case concerned a 16-year old who created a digital platform [...]

Brexit – Possible Implications, and Why Moving Your Business to Cyprus Makes Sense

A lot of uncertainty exists regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union, particularly amongst those conducting business abroad. In fact, a considerable number of businesses have already begun the process of leaving the UK and moving their presence elsewhere within the EU. But what impact will Brexit actually have come end of March 2019,[…..]

Legislative Changes to the Funds Industry in Cyprus Voted Come Into Effect

The Alternative Investment Organisation Act 2018 A recent vote by members of the Cyprus government will see the current legal and regulatory infrastructure for collective investments funds (IFs) undergo progressive modernizations. With the main objective being to protect the rights of investor, the new Alternative Investment Organisation Act 2018 will replace current legislation and update[…..]

Changes to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

Introduced in 2013 to stimulate economic growth in Cyprus, this dynamic investment programme has seen incredible success to date. In fact, according to a recent Cyprus BusinessMail article, “since the introduction of the scheme in its current form in 2014 and in a previous form in 2008, Cyprus has granted citizenships to 1,685 investors and[…..]