Incorporating an ICO Company from a legal perspective

Our law firm, Dionysiou & Partners LLC has recently completed successfully a significant and complex ICO project, exceeding the expectations of our clients in terms of our highly experienced team responding promptly and effectively to their needs. Our work involved, inter alia, the set up of the corporate structure and the preparation of all the […]


A revolutionary decision for crypto fans has emerged by the Berlin Court of Appeals

Transactions in Bitcoin do not constitute a bank transaction and certainly such transactions are not a criminal offence. This was ruled by the Berlin Court of Appeals in its recent decision which criticized the authority of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin). The case concerned a 16-year old who created a digital platform[.....]

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Launched by European Commission

On 1 February 2018, the European Commission’s EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum was launched under the supportive wing of the European Parliament and represented by Jakob von Weizsäcker who is responsible for the recent report on virtual currencies. It was highlighted that key developments of blockchain technology are set to generate an impact in digital[…..]

Europe Legitimizes Cryptocurrency Through Regulation

It looks like Bitcoin is here to stay; contrary to widespread belief of the global hype of cryptocurrency being merely temporary; it appears the European Union is paving the way in legitimizing this new era for cryptocurrency by agreeing to place legal regulation upon cryptocurrency exchange platforms as an anti-money laundering measure. The European Parliament[…..]