Insolvency Law

We provide effective, practical advice on any matters of insolvency and liquidation, an area which is, in today’s business reality, increasingly relevant and important for all commercial businesses and banking institutions.

Our experience in working on banking transactions and advising banking institutions in various types of transactions, has equipped us with in depth knowledge of the insolvency concerns of banking institutions in the transactions they enter into with corporate clients.

Our many years of working in corporate law and Cyprus companies, give us a thorough understanding of the necessities and concerns of companies, especially when it comes to liquidation matters. We assist companies in examining the different ways in which a company can go into liquidation or avoid going into liquidation. Once this has been determined, we guide the company through every step of the process.

Our firm collaborates with qualified liquidators to assist clients through the entire liquidation process, commencing from pre-insolvency considerations all the way to court hearings for finalisation of the process.

Our clients include insolvency practitioners, creditors (secured and unsecured) and creditor committees, directors and other officers and limited liability companies.