Immigration Law: Suspension of deportation upon appeal to the administrative court

A new provision in cypriot legislation has been added to the basic law on the establishment and operation of the Administrative Court of Cyprus, as follows:

By filing an appeal against an expulsion order, return decision or removal decision, issued pursuant to provisions of the Law on Foreigners and Immigration, the validity of the contested administrative act is suspended until its adjudication by the Administrative Court, provided that:

(a) the claim for annulment shall be accompanied by a claim concerning incompatibility of this act with the principle of non repatriation provided for in an international convention or in European Union law or Cypriot law, and / or allegation of an infringement of human rights legislation

(b) the applicant submits the application for cancellation to the Ministry of Interior, the Department of Population and Immigration Records and / or to the Attorney General of the Republic.

According to the new provision, the above procedure shall be completed as soon as possible and the decision of the Administrative Court is issued with priority.

A court order shall be issued within thirty (30) days from the date of registration of the appeal, unless there are grounds of force majeure.

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