Cyprus Bond issue has exceeded expectations

By Soulla Dionysiou, Lawyer On Tuesday 23rd of April the Cyprus government announced that it will issue 5-year and 30-year maturity Bonds with the aim of early repayment of a 2.5 Billion loan to the Russian Federation. The debt issuance will be run by Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Societe […]

Cyprus Investment Program implements new changes. What potential investors need to know

By Alex Georgiades, Associate Lawyer at Dionysiou & Partners LLC In February 2019, the Cyprus Government has announced new changes to the Cyprus Investment Program (CIP) in order, as it describes, to reduce the risk of abuse. These include notable changes, in that the potential investor should already be a holder of a Schengen Visa[…..]

Swiss franc loans and borrowers’ rights in the light of 4 important judgments of the European Court of Justice

By George Kazoleas, Senior Associate Lawyer at Dionysiou & Partners LLC The EU Court of Justice has issued important decisions in recent years on the issue of bank foreign currency loans, essentially in Swiss francs, which has created significant case law useful for defending the interests of borrowers who have been “trapped” by credit institutions[…..]

Brexit: reciprocal visa-free access for EU and UK nationals

UK nationals would be able to enter the EU visa-free for short periods after the country’s exit, provided EU nationals enjoy the same conditions when travelling to the UK. With 502 votes to 81 and 29 abstentions, plenary backed on 4/4/2019 the draft law exempting UK citizens from visa requirements to enter the EU for[…..]